Finding Home Sweet Home

As your REALTOR® I will guide you each step of the way to make buying a home exciting and stress free.

My Services

  • Find available homes that meet your needs

  • View homes with you & provide details regarding the property

  • Advise on the preparation of an offer

  • Assist in negotiating the contract

  • Monitor progress leading up to possession as well as a thorough walk through of the property on possession day

  • Post sales service

Getting Pre-approved

How much can you afford?

Meeting with a mortgage representative is an important first step in the home buying process, as they will be able to determine how much financing you qualify for.

Associated Costs

There is no cost associated with using a real estate agent as a buyer, however, there are several accompanied with purchasing a home. Common costs are:

  • Deposit or "good faith money", which proves to the seller you are serious about buying (forms part of the total purchase price)

  • Down payment of at least 5 %

  • Home inspection

  • Land transfer tax

  • Legal fees

  • Home insurance